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Norfolk Spanish Classes: Testimonials

Heather Ashdown Norfolk Spanish Teacher  

I have taught Spanish in Norfolk and Suffolk to so many great people over the years. The clients that I give language lessons to at Norfolk Spanish range from all ages and backgrounds. Each student decides to learn Spanish for their own individual reasons. However, they all share an important thing - a real passion for Spain and the Spanish language. This makes my job so rewarding.

If you are looking for languages classes or a Spanish teacher in Norfolk then I hope that the testimonials below will help you to decide if I may be the right teacher for you!


Spanish Language Lessons in Norfolk - Feedback From Some Of My Students


"I lived in Spain for a short while but my Spanish was shaky at the best. Heather helped me pull together what I already knew and, in relaxed one-to-one sessions, managed to introduce me to the dreaded complexities of grammar and tenses. I found that after a few weeks she had given me essential confidence in this near-universal language. She has got a lot to live up to. I am 77 and Heather is the best and most approachable language teacher I have met."

Clive - 2014


"I started learning Spanish with Heather when I was in sixth form. I was really apprehensive about having a private tutor because I didn't know what Heather's expectations would be. When I started my extent of Spanish probably didn't extend any further than 'Hola' and 'Que tal'. I studied Spanish with Heather for about a year and in the space of about four months she helped me obtain a GCSE in Spanish on top of my other A Levels. She used to set me various bits of work to do during the week such as grammar exercises, films to watch or radio clips to improve my listening skills.

I am now a French and Spanish student at Lancaster University, a top 10 uni and next year I am hoping to do a Masters in Interpreting and Translation. I will always keep in contact with Heather because she is a wholly lovely and supportive person. Even writing this brings a tear to my eye because I feel so lucky to have had this experience. I would definitely not be in the position I am now without her help throughout!"



Jasmine - 2014

"Heather's passion for the Spanish language and culture definitely rubbed off on me and I went on to work in Spain and study Spanish as a degree. In a short period of time I went from not knowing any Spanish to understanding a great deal and feeling confident enough to use it in Spain. Every class was different; encompassing listening activities, games, conversation and grammar.

Norfolk Spanish get-togethers were a fantastic opportunity to speak Spanish and/or Spanglish and to meet other students of all levels too, donīt miss out on them!

Heather is a great Spanish teacher who understands individuals' language-learning needs and her love of Spanish is contagious!"

Laura - 2014

"I joined Heather's weekly beginners' Spanish lessons a few years ago and am still coming back for more.

Heather is a gifted teacher with a positive and engaging personality -- the lessons are fun!

The classes include a combination of multimedia, conversation and traditional exercises to improve all aspects of Spanish speaking and understanding.

I would recommend Heather to anyone who wants to learn or improve their Spanish."

Ann - 2014

"I feel Heather is a wonderful teacher as she really understands how adults like to learn . She has a well structured teaching programme but adopts a flexible approach allowing personal learning needs to be addressed as they arise.

She is knowledgeable and enthusiastic about Spain and Spanish culture and brings the language to life through a variety of media. Heather somehow manages to get the best out of her students, encouraging them to leave their comfort zone without causing stress!

She has a really lovely, warm, caring and friendly personality - one of the best teachers I have known."



Richard - 2014

"I started learning Spanish with Heather about five years ago. Heather has always made learning Spanish fun and interesting and makes sure that you have understood a lesson or grammer before moving on.

She has given me a fantastic grounding in Spanish which has helped me develop my understanding of the of the language to the point that I now have my dressage lessons in spanish when I am out there.

Her lessons are well structured and fun and she never makes you feel "put on the spot". I would recommend Heather to anyone wishing to learn about the language whether to learn or improve their Spanish."

Karen - 2014

"While living in Spain during 2010-2012, I attended Spanish lessons with Heather Ashdown as my personal tutor. I have nothing but the highest praise for her teaching. She took care to assess my level and was always well prepared for my lessons, one intensive hour a week. I made much more progress in this hour than a two hour session at the Instituto Cervantes, where I had previously attended classes.

Heather's personality made the lessons enjoyable. She was very flexible in her approach, and has a good sense of humour. I have no hesitation in recommending her teaching for anyone wanting to progress in learning Spanish." Isobel - 2014

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